Packaging Program

Closely aligned with the VCB's move into an online booking capability is an emphasis on packaging. Free workshops as well as individual and group consultation sessions are offered periodically to industry partners who want to learn more about effective packaging strategies and logistics.

Year-Round Themed Promotions. These provide an umbrella under which our partners can join the VCB in promoting special offers tied to specific times of the year, including Spring Training, the summer season and our fall value period. These new promotions build upon the success of our annual Islands FallFest, in which we offer special packages to encourage fall visitation to the area. FallFest, which combines annual events and festivals with special rates and value-added deals for visitors to "Florida's Unspoiled Island Sanctuary," provides an ideal model on which to base future promotions.

Industry partners wishing to participate in packaging opportunities may do so as follows: For more information on how to succeed with preparing vacation packages, contact: Nancy MacPhee at 239.338.3500 or

Partners may upload offers & packages directly onto by accessing their password-protected accounts on If you need to set up an account please contact the VCB's web developer, Miles Media, by asking for the data department at 1-800-683-0010.