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Frequently Asked Questions

The below Q&A have been collected over time and are intended to help answer questions that might surface during the renovation process. Should you have additional questions please Contact Us & we will do our best to point you in the right direction. 


I’ve decided to renovate. Now what do I do?

We recommend beginning your renovation conversation with your Association CAM, management company or rental agency. They usually have lists of licensed contractors and can get you started on your project. 

What if my CAM, Management Company or Rental Manager cannot answer my questions?

Your local planning department is your next stop for information about permits, contractors, etc. If you live in unincorporated Lee County, contact the Lee County Planning Department. Hiring a licensed contractor is always recommended for your legal protection. 

Why do I need to hire a licensed contractor?

If a unit is not owner occupied (vacation rentals are not) it is mandatory that a licensed contractor be hired. For further conversation on this topic, please contact the appropriate permitting department for your location. See the list below for links and phone information.

What about WiFi?

WiFi is a must with today’s traveler. Whether it is a CEO who needs access to the office while away, or the grandkids playing their favorite game, today’s traveler indicates that WiFi is a must have and not a luxury.

How often should I renovate?

Standard practice in the lodging industry is to renovate every 3-5 years to keep the property looking fresh and inviting. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase better quality, not necessarily the best quality, furnishings.  They should look good, but not be expected to last a lifetime.

Do I need to hire an interior decorator?

If you enjoy redecorating, you can do it on your own. Or check with your complex, a conversation with an owner that has done a successful remodel may be all you need to start the process. If you are not sure, hire a decorator. The end product should reflect the key words: crisp, modern, clean, contemporary, bright.

Do I need to keep my phone land line?

Because of emergency situations, and the fact that cell phones may not work within a complex, land lines are recommended within each unit.